Laser Therapy

At TLC Farms, we utilize the Respond Systems Laser 2400VS, which is a specific device for Laser Therapy used on a weekly basis for prevention and in conjunction with massage and chiropractic sessions to help keep top-performance horses in elite condition.

Acute conditions can be resolved with just a few treatments however it is Not unusual for a chronic condition to require a number of treatments over a period of several weeks. Most treatments take from 15-30 minutes and are completely pain-free for the patient. There is NO risk of burning; and in fact, depending on the condition, some horses experience immediate relief.

Optimal treatment protocols are a direct result of the veterinarian or therapist knowing the horse and responding to that animal’s unique condition and needs. We do provide protocol guidelines and are available 5-days a week to answer any treatment inquiries as it relates to your horse’s specific condition.

Laser Therapy can be used either as a preventative to injury, especially for animals involved in competition, or to treat specific conditions such as:

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Arthritis

  • Tendon and Ligament Tears

  • Joint Conditions

  • Neurologic Injuries

  • Suspensory tears (soft tissue injury)

  • Stifle Injury