TLC Farms Team

Taylor has grown up around horses her entire life. Taylor holds a bachelor's degree in Business with a minor in Communications from Robert Morris University. Taylor's true passion and specialty lies within barrel racing. Taylor holds an impressive win record in her professional barrel racing career including; winning the Congress in Senior Barrel Racing, 2X Short Go Qualifier in the Congress Barrel Racing Sweepstakes, 4X FFCF Qualifier, 3X FFCF Go Round Winner, 2012 FFC WPRA Rookie of the Year, and 2014 Ram National Circuit Finals Qualifier. Along with her avid love for barrel horses, Taylor truly enjoys rehabbing horses of all disciplines and seeing them return to their fullest potential.

Taylor Lewis


Heather is a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (CESMT) and Certified Equine Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Practitioner.   She has been fortunate enough to be working in the industry for over 12 years.  Heather has a proven track record working with horses from the time of injury all the way through rehabilitation and competition.  She supports top athletes competing at all levels from local to national events.  She has helped older horses maintain comfort with good range of motion during their retirement.  She works closely with each horses' veterinary team no matter what level that horse is at in their career or rehabilitation. * It is very important that you understand that Massage & PEMF Therapy is not to replace Veterinary Care and it is not used to diagnose.

Heather Supanick

Jayme Myers.jpeg

Jayme has extensive experience training performance horses and brings impressive knowledge of the rehabilitaion process and how to develop successful individual programs to insure the horse returns to their fullest potential.

Jayme also holds an impressive win record in her professional barrel racing career including; 3X WPRA First Frontier Circuit Finals Qualifier, Ram National Circuit Finals Qualifier, and WPRA Cowtown Rodeo Year-End Barrel Racing Champion

Jayme Myers